Ally (2002)

Mulsim Porn I’m interested in what makes Muslim porn different. It surely exists, but you won’t be finding much on IMBD. Porn is a special sort of film. I believe that film in general is where we do most of our experiments in how we reason about the world. Yes, even in popular film. Depending… Continue reading Ally (2002)

King Arthur (2004)

Blue Woman With these simple constructions, its easy to see where they decided the hook would be. I imagine the pitch was that this would be “Braveheart” meets “Gladiator” but with a fighten’ gal. I’m sure they took a model and put her in blue tattoos and unlikely leather seminude battlegear and took photos to… Continue reading King Arthur (2004)

Acid Dreams (2003)

Spaced Out For background on another film, I had to pick a Michael Ninn film. I picked two that sounded interesting. The Ninn approach to porn is from the 70s. He has ideas that are really movie ideas. Then he does them with relatively high production values. Because he trowels in the porn sequences the… Continue reading Acid Dreams (2003)

I Am Cuba (1964)

Sculpted Spatial Force Is this the best film ever made? For me today in its afterglow it is. I’m so fickle. I think if all else were equal, I’ll always take embodied, real cinema that is coherently integrated. The way of telling the story is ideally complex and folded, using tricks to make the story… Continue reading I Am Cuba (1964)