This is a temporary site, while I regenerate filmsfolding and filmsfolded dot coms.

Around 2000, I left my home research community and decided to model introspection. I was astonished to discover the sophistication we employ in film, for amusement. I started a serious program of viewing with this in mind, and incidentally wrote comments for IMDB. Eventually, I commented on nearly 5,000 as the site’s most prolific commenter: tedg. This was before the appearance of the social media giants; a substantial community (a core of about a thousand) coalesced around these comments and associated ideas. 

I subsequently embarked on an ambitious plan with many experiments, some of which were public on the web. That was all a bridge too far, and too expensive to maintain. I am now in a different country, modelling influence in a more general and applied way. The films-centric study is likely to be rekindled, in the meanwhile I have set up this minimal site for the IMDB comments and any new ones I write. 

Some of the original set are lost. A group of fundamentalists on IMDB rustled a campaign of complaints, and possibly a thousand were removed without warning. 

A few of these I’ve recovered are pretty good, but not many I am afraid. I hope to get back to this soon and bridge to the other rather deep domains I am working in.

This is a project in stasis, so dialog is likely to be sparse. But feel free to send a message or post a comment.