Bad Influence (1990)

A Failed Experiment When you encounter a bad movie, the tendency is to just blow it off. After all, most folks are largely incompetent at what they do. But if you check the credentials of the people involved, you have to think again. The writer has written successful movies as well as fine ones. “Snake… Continue reading Bad Influence (1990)

Ashes of Time (1994)

All Along the Watchtower Kar-Wai is one of the three best directors working today. Many feel this is his best work. Surely it is the greatest leap since his previous, but I find the Mood-2046 pair more important, even life-altering. If you come into this expecting a story that unfolds in good order and makes… Continue reading Ashes of Time (1994)

Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers (2001)

Ordinary Extraordinary Swedes are the most orderly people on the planet. Their sense of propriety is something that this American can only wonder about. That’s why this little film escapes me. The whole point of this is that the six folks who break in are not odd-looking, but quite ordinary and respectable looking. All the… Continue reading Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers (2001)