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Hi’-Neighbor! (1934)
Filmmaker(s): Gus Meins

The gang decides to build their own fire engine.

Suburban Between the wars, and in spite of the depression, America remained in two halves. Today, those are red and blue states, but in the 30s it was rural America and the cities. During this time, the cities got bigger and the farm areas somewhat thinner...

Published December 13, 2022
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Double Door (1934)
The Female of the Species is More Deadly Than the Male!
Filmmaker(s): Charles Vidor

A domineering money-bags' suppressed incestuous urges go into overdrive when her half-brother brings a new bride home to the family’s gloomy Fifth Avenue mansion. The title refers to a secret soundproofed chamber that the villainess uses to entrap her enemies.

Panic Room During the last depression, moviegoers were obsessed with the wealthy. As with the aristocrats in Europe, these folks neither created nor managed wealth. They just had it and wanted more. Here we have a domineering woman who believes she deserves it all, taking from...

Published May 13, 2022
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