Jungle Jitters (1938)


I usually see these “banned” things and react variously. I think Amos and Andy, for instance is ennobling, and the often respected “Song of the South” disgusting in it racial typing.

This one seems pretty offensive too, especially at the beginning where multi-hued cannibals prance around in what must be a near carbon copy of a similar scene with “Indians.” It is darn upsetting. But then the other characters get introduced, a white guy and the queen who inexplicably is white. Well, maybe she’s white because having her attack the salesman romantically really would be unacceptable for the time.

As with all these, everyone seems to be stereotyped to the same extent. There aren’t any characters that are not poked fun at.

But in this case, I think it should be shelved.

Posted in 2006

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