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The Dark Mirror (1946)
Twins! One who loves... one who loves to Kill!
Director: Robert Siodmak

A sister and her disturbed twin are implicated in a murder and a police detective must figure out which one's the killer.

The Dark Mirror (1946)

Her Sister Rose

An actor’s challenge is when they are required to create their own mob, create the tension they are to hold. I’ve just seen a few “multiple people in one body” type films. Here we have something different: one actress playing two characters, exact twins.

One is a murderer, we discover early in the film. The actress in question is a good one, and the film trickery is effective.

Parts of the setup is as well, one evil but intelligent and the other sweet but fragile. We have intelligent cops and an on-screen psychologist who happens to be an expert in the study of twins. These allow in-plot explanation of what is going on. Unfortunately, the story depends on one twin convincing the other she is crazy — and it is just not convincing.

Yet another wasted opportunity except for the last few minutes where some disguise is attempted. Let this one pass.

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