My Favorite Year (1982)

Drinkin and Humpin with Many I especially appreciate films that fold reality — that somehow build parallel layers of reality and illusion. Here is the oldest formula for folding, but done better than anywhere I know. On the first layer, we have the reality of O’Toole, a once-energetic actor brought low (and nearly killed) by… Continue reading My Favorite Year (1982)

Frances (1982)

Metaexploitation I continue to be astounded at films that are self-destructively self-referential. That’s where a story is about a certain trend, often in filmmaking, that is portrayed as evil. But at the same time, with the same players, the form of the film is precisely along that trend. Here is the story of a fragile… Continue reading Frances (1982)

Clue (1982)

Hasn’t a Clue No genre has more opportunities for mind-bending and/amusing bends than the mystery. Especially film mysteries. And this one has a very promising foundation: a parody of a parody: ‘Murder by Death,’ which itself was rather clever in a lowbrow sort of way. Add to this the also clever notion of building on… Continue reading Clue (1982)