Kramer vs Kramer (1979)

Split Decision This drama is considered successful. I think it is not because it tells us anything special, or that the characters are particularly worthy. I believe it is because of the way the narrative is constructed. It has two arcs. One of these has the husband establishing the world. We follow only him, spending… Continue reading Kramer vs Kramer (1979)

Killer Fish (1979)

The Show It is a real experience for me when a film’s being is inadvertently echoed in its story. That makes the film a good experience in some respect even though it stinks on all other grounds. In this case, you have a lovely woman (Hemingway) who is brought to Brazil for the purposes of… Continue reading Killer Fish (1979)

All that Jazz (1979)

Your Death Having just watched an energetic, colourful film on the overlap between life and death, I had to revisit this one from my past. It was one of my early experiences in folded narrative: • a film about a man written and directed by that very man, bent to create a fictitious persona. •… Continue reading All that Jazz (1979)

Siberiade (1979)

2001: Blondsongs, Gasroads and Fogsex Inexplicably this is compared to “Doctor Zhivago,” I suppose because there are Russian revolutionaries. Egad. The films couldn’t be more different. This is inspired by “2001.” Equally inexplicably, “Solaris” is called the Russian 2001 because. Heck, because it has space hardware. Jees. The structure of “2001” is its reason to… Continue reading Siberiade (1979)

Heart of Glass (1979)

The Heart of the Film Soldier Some films come wrapped in their own skins — distinct beings, which can be taken as they are. But many films come with connections to their context, usually in the distraction of seeing a familiar actor. Cinephiles follow certain filmmakers and develop certain expectations and understandings over a career.… Continue reading Heart of Glass (1979)