I-Be Area (2007)

Gen R

You should know that I have a great deal of patience for extreme films. I watched “The Falls” twice in one day. I dug through Matthew Barney, and patiently dug out some gems. I see merit in the early Jarman stuff. Korrine interests me. I presume that most things I encounter deserve to be considered art and not as a joke. So I am a most likely audience for this.

And I get it: anti narrative, inverted pose, as much subversion of the medium as amateurs can do with cheap equipment.

Art can be challenging, even disgusting. It can be trivial. It can be almost anything to be accepted by me at the elevated level of art.

But it can never ever be tedious and unengaging.

Posted in 2011

Ted’s Evaluation — 1 of 3: You can find something better to do with this part of your life.


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