Private Gold 93: The Sexual Adventures of Little Red (2007 Video)

Ladies Fair Orient, Rosy Blooms Appear A couple years ago, I criticised this team. Today I applaud them. I am studying “folding,” various techniques for putting the viewer into the narrative. We have good science that indicates mirror neurons work intensely with porn and food movies. That means when you watch, you enter in a… Continue reading Private Gold 93: The Sexual Adventures of Little Red (2007 Video)

Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead (2007)

Space There are from time to time successful presentations in the sense that the characters work. You understand them well enough to have some genuine acceptance of their reality as humans, but that means you realise that there are things going on that do not have straight-line causal mechanics. This inscrutable humanness gets you past… Continue reading Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead (2007)

Gone Baby Gone (2007)

Baby Arrives I love it when I am wrong, and someone that I think doesn’t matter surprises me. Ben Affleck put together some snappy lines in “Good Will,” but that project was so ordinary in form it self-destructed. His acting is generally silly. There isn’t a role he hasn’t deflated. But here he does three… Continue reading Gone Baby Gone (2007)

August Rush (2007)

Yellow Bricks Heard There are three kinds of film that I value and treat differently: those who truly leverage dance, space or sound. I have not yet found one that exploits mathematical space, and would add that when it appears, probably from Ruiz and Greenaway who come close. Of those three, we have some interesting… Continue reading August Rush (2007)

1408 (2007)

Shined Up I decided to watch this after Polanski’s “The Tenant” and that was probably a bad choice, because that film is precious. This one consists of three elements, typical of the King formula. The first is the expression of terror, shaped safely so that you can watch but not be personally threatened. I think… Continue reading 1408 (2007)

King Corn (2007)

Field of Dreams Modern documentaries fascinate me. In theory, the documentary category is an investigation, explanation or essay on something, presumably something both real and true. Because there is the supposition that the thing is interesting of worth hearing about for some reason, one assumes that most documentaries would be compelling things. All you have… Continue reading King Corn (2007)

Hitman (2007)

Clones I found this solid and competent. The curious thing is that what it did well, it did not because of what it is, but because it did not stick closely to the world of the video game. This is also why the fan base rejected it. Apparently, the agent in the game is one… Continue reading Hitman (2007)

I-Be Area (2007)

Gen R You should know that I have a great deal of patience for extreme films. I watched “The Falls” twice in one day. I dug through Matthew Barney, and patiently dug out some gems. I see merit in the early Jarman stuff. Korrine interests me. I presume that most things I encounter deserve to… Continue reading I-Be Area (2007)