Coherence (2013)

Encounters with Selves

The idea behind this is promising: troubled couples escaping their problems and focus on their partner by encountering themselves — other versions of themselves. There is some scientific hocus pocus enlisted to enable this, but that is just incidental.

And I have to admit that the execution is good. Yes, the camera is a bit too active, but the thing that usually hurts these cheap productions is bad sound. The sound is fine here.

But it did not grab me as it could have. The emotional spine of this is a broken marriage, broken heart, broken woman. This is not something that can be improvised and still give us the structure we need to follow her into the darkness. More and deeper voyage into her soul is what we need.

We could have had more “Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie” and less “Sliding Doors”.

That said, we need to applaud filmmakers who write and direct, who find a way to create something competent. We need to applaud.

Posted in 2015

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