A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)

Vehicle Porn

I’m pretty sure I understand how this got funded. The franchise is pretty worn out; since the first one, we have hundreds a year of tough boys and girls who manage to flamboyantly kill a lot of bad guys. (Set aside for a moment that most of these dead aren’t crooks, but soldiers and cops simply doing what they do.)

The stars of this are three vehicles. A huge armoured vehicle and two helicopters. It is these that our two heroes combat. Oh, we have sharply drawn villains, but they are there to present these three challenging machines. Note the shift in agency. In Star Wars, the Death Star was imposing, but only as an extension of evil men. Here, the machines are put frontwise.

In the final scene, the bad guys perish incidentally. The real drama is the wounding and death of the large helo. It is dressed to look evil and photographed as if it could move on its own.

What next? We’ve had flying aircraft carriers. Trains are common but are hard to make evil. Pacific Rim robots? I’m not sure. But I do see the need to escalate from one generation of these things to the next and orange fireballs don’t work any more.

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