Immokalee U. S. A (2008)

Volunteer Growth Most films are a matter of manufactured narrative and we watch them to to discover what has been shaped by the filmmaker. Most documentaries are like this as well, because the idea is to illustrate a constructed narrative with reality, giving it more power. But sometimes, and I think very rarely, it is… Continue reading Immokalee U. S. A (2008)

Ikiru (1952)

Bad Kurosawa Oh what a curse to be a genius! Here we have a nearly perfect film, perfect in all the ordinarily engineered respects. It is rather haunting, and if you choose to watch it you will find it memorable. But Kurosawa is not merely a maker of well engineered films, together with perhaps a… Continue reading Ikiru (1952)

Inside Man (2006)

Inside Out I want to like Spike, I really do. He has a natural cinematic imagination, something you can see from the very beginning. And he is flamboyant with the camera which I appreciate when the confidence is rewarded. Plus other things. He seems to have backed off his “I’m not an Oscar-winner because I’m… Continue reading Inside Man (2006)

Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

Folded Vision, Urges and Space Reflective Engagement I normally write about folding; the most obvious is when a film contains a film or play, but there are a bewildering number of types. The most interesting of these to me is when the film ‘folds’ the watcher in, in some way. The least interesting is when… Continue reading Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

Hero (2002)

Space Two things interesting about this project. First, the sad news, at least for the Chinese, that the Japanese have finally won. This is a Japanese film in all important respects: the theming by lush colour, the rather modern notion of benevolent conquest (genuinely originating in the Persians but only used since as justification for… Continue reading Hero (2002)

Okja (2017)

All Rind I differentiate between storyteller/filmmakers and the story itself. It isn’t such a clean break as this of course; the narrative contract inveigles. But the distinction is useful here. He has a scope that he is interested in which could be described as: navigating the pull against a world that presents as capricious evil.… Continue reading Okja (2017)

Free Solo (2018)

Needy Films are stories. When the story is in the real world, a different set of narrative engineering principles come in to play. A default is that somehow the filmmaker and crew present their own story of the quest for what we separately see. But there is a problem in this case; the crew has… Continue reading Free Solo (2018)

Moon (2009)

I, Me, Mine Movies like this, ones that have open seams, are made for me. This happens to me a lot. This is a story with no intended ambiguities. A solitary man on the moon discovers he is an expendable clone, discovering then conspiring with one of his siblings. There is some plotting and a… Continue reading Moon (2009)