Moon (2009)

I, Me, Mine

Movies like this, ones that have open seams, are made for me.

This happens to me a lot. This is a story with no intended ambiguities. A solitary man on the moon discovers he is an expendable clone, discovering then conspiring with one of his siblings. There is some plotting and a successful escape. We discover things slowly as our hero does, knowing only what he does. It is not complicated.

But. But, the thing starts with dreams, and visions brought on by a three year weary solitude. There is a companion supercomputer voiced by (this time the aptly named) Kevin Spacey. We have some hints that we can enter “his” mind as well. There are three solid plot seams where we could be entering an imagined or artificial world of the clone’s and two seams where we might similarly be entering the computer’s. None of these contradict, and we could easily be watching a ping pong match (one is shown) where alternative universes driven by urges are buffeted by different consciousnesses.

I do believe that strong stories have these seams, even though the writer expects few people to nuzzle into them. That some do, that I do, possibly adds to the richness for the average viewer, knowing that there is danger outside of the station.

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Ted’s Evaluation — 3 of 3: Worth watching.


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