Willy’s Wonderland (2021)


I am interested in the projects that successful artists design for themselves. It often shows that they are less interesting than they appear. Actors in particular depend on surrounding artists that remain invisible.

Cage’s work is all over the place, but this is pretty bad. I believe it was made because he wanted it so. A hook is that he says nothing. It likely took a very short time to film with practical puppets and bodysuits.

The story has an animatronic Chucky Cheese-like establishment where the robots have become hosts for evil cultists. The town sacrifices passers-by to save themselves.

Cage is the lone cowboy riding into this scene as the intended sacrifice, but he easily defeats the evil puppets. There’s a side plot about teens which are quickly extinguished, save a pretty girl.

Turns out — it seems — Cage’s character is a robot of some kind himself. In the battles, much fluid is spilled: black oil for the robots and bright red blood for the humans. Much is made of the difference. At the end, Cage’s character takes off some tape covering a wound and we see the scab is black. At regular periods — timed by watch alarm — he must stop everything and drink some specific stuff he carries around.

The whole thing is cheesy, everything about it, clearly aiming for cult status. Should it fail, it was just a few weeks and dollars from Georgia and Malaysia (!).

I would normally note the folding of it being a mechanical movie about a situation with mechanical performances. But this is so lacking in any competence, I won’t mention it. No interesting Folds.

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