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The Fashionistas (2002)
Filmmaker(s): John Stagliano

A famous fashion designer, searching for a hot new "bondage" look, comes across a design house called The Fashionistas. Unbeknownst to him, the firm's owner is determined to seduce him--not only to get him to buy her line, but also because she knows he can get her into the strange world of underground S&M clubs.

The Fashionistas (2002)

The Movie Within: Clockwork Peaches

Yes, this is porn, with some real negatives. One of these is its perversion, pretty much all the pain, bondage and fetish you can imagine.

But it is done as a parody. The watcher is being goofed on, tortured for fun. In fact, this is intelligent writing, and may be the only movie which you’ll fast forward past the sex scenes to see the real movie.

The setup is a real fashion show of the ordinary variety. It is interrupted by gangsta

cows in latex. This, it turns out is a DVD created by the very same gangsta cows.

So right away we have several folded layers:

  • an erotic show (this movie) that’s been hijacked by deliberately demeaning porn, featuring
  • a similar women’s fashion show similarly hijacked, within
  • two DVD’s showing the fetish fashions that are hijacked by the editor, Jesse, who places fetish fantasies that are as far out from those of the gangstas as their prancing is from the world of straight porn (which itself has exactly the same distance from real life).

And the thing is well acted and photographed on film with high production values. If you can stand it and transcend the material, this version of “Clockwork Orange” will punish you for watching. It is all about the style.

The style that turns out to matter is the “chameleon” line of clothes that start one way and shift levels.

Posted in 2004

Ted’s Evaluation — 2 of 3: Has some interesting elements.


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