The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

Two Worlds

We live in two worlds with usually hidden doors between. One world is unexpectedly complex, powerful and cosmic in an apparently demented way.

The second world we have to put up with. It is a world of rote mechanics and faux imagination.

That first world is the world of Phil Dick, something I value and experienced relatively firsthand. The man was a genius. With Agatha Christie, he has had more influence on contemporary, imaginative fiction than any other.

One of his minor but still excellent short stories is the inspiration for this.

The other world is the world of bad filmmakers. Formulas where artists follow a rulebook and we as viewers respond as we are programmed to. Participants in art that dulls rather than sharpens, that puts us more in the groove than out of it.

I recently rewatched Damon in “Hereafter”. He was something of a miracle there and though simple, the film took us places and he helped.

This. This is scrap paper. The reshot bland ending is particularly egregious.

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