Assassins (1995)

Chunky Mix This project fascinates me. Donner is legendary for taking “chunks” out of genres, attaching them to characters, and jamming them together to make hits. Sometimes it works, and sometimes the experiment gets out of hand. This one is a failure, but an interesting one. Start with the idea that there are three acting… Continue reading Assassins (1995)

Apartment (1960)

Mechanical I have just had quite an argument with a well known film critic. He maintains that films are either good or bad and any good film is just simply good. I maintained that films are little worlds. Some are created more successfully than others. Some are more novel or clever or valuable than others.… Continue reading Apartment (1960)

Amy’s Orgasm (2001)

Caught in the Marketplace How difficult it must be for a young writer/director/actor with energy, some skill and no ideas. So just write about one’s self and use the current “intelligent” template of self-reference. That template has our writer playing a writer. The writer on screen is struggling with the same issues that vex the… Continue reading Amy’s Orgasm (2001)

The Aminatrix (2003)

Busy I’m not sure I understand why this is being made. Presumably, the goal is to advertise the upcoming matrix sequel in such a way that sets the stage for game and doll marketing. Industry studies show that the type of fantasy that drives the commerce targeting teens and younger does best when “real” images… Continue reading The Aminatrix (2003)

Italian Job (2003)

The In, The Out This slick production lacks the cinematic acrobatics of “The Good Thief.” Except, except for one clever thing. The editing. The direction, acting and all that are pretty ordinary, as is the actual story and it tested very poorly. So — the story goes — the concerned producers brought in a giant… Continue reading Italian Job (2003)

Alphaville (1965)

Reduced Time gives us great advantages. One of these is that we can see art in terms other than the artist used in creating it. The French New Wave was an interesting and timely set of cinematic ideas that were burdened at the time by clumsy theory and some frankly moronic critics. Now we can… Continue reading Alphaville (1965)

American Movie (1999)

Inarticulate Speech of the Trailer Park I am the perfect candidate audience for this. I watch a couple theatrical projects a day. I love film and am hungry for new and/or intelligent experiences. Plus, I have a passion for “folded” films, films that about themselves in some way. Moreover, this project comes with Sundance buzz… Continue reading American Movie (1999)