The Business of Strangers (2001)

The Disconnected. So much of life consists of invisible missed opportunities. Usually, they are invisible because what we see appears so competent that it seems only natural that it be as it is. This is such an opportunity. Our two characters here are presented competently. Everything else in the project is acceptable. It has a… Continue reading The Business of Strangers (2001)

Pendulum (2001)

Primal Instinct The first howler in this is the notion that Texas hosts the “finest law school in the south,” as if it were possible — and if would matter if it was. Of course, once we are introduced to a DA running for Congress, we know who the villain is. Having made that scriptwriting… Continue reading Pendulum (2001)

Fat Girl (2001)

Sets Us Aside Brellliat drives me a little crazy. She is an observer of one small corner of life and seems incidentally a filmmaker. You get different editions of her observations on the distance of young sex across which we throw ropes. So the question is which is the best and whether each one that… Continue reading Fat Girl (2001)

Sex and Lucia (2001)

And the Story Starts Again Halfway Written reality. I had the unexpected pleasure of seeing this soon after Ruiz’s Proust. Both about writers creating a life. Time folding. Narrative layers. The three sisters from ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ here named Alsi/Elana, Lucia (the Alice, an anagram, in fact one that Carroll used) and Belin. The story… Continue reading Sex and Lucia (2001)

Ignition (2001)

Wet Powder, Powerful Powder This little disaster probably resulted from 9-11. I get the impression that the project was halted halfway through and was just shoved out in this form. No great loss. But it does have two interesting elements. The first is Lena Olin. I think she is one of the most interesting woman… Continue reading Ignition (2001)

Amélie (2001)

Life, A User’s Manual I avoided this film for ever-so-long because of what I had heard about it. One would believe that this is a well-photographed simple sweet story. That somehow it has something to do with the adventures of a sweet girl-woman. Well, it is. But it is so much else, and that ‘something… Continue reading Amélie (2001)