Joe Dirt (2001)

Breathless Poopball

These experiments are very tricky, working with irony to the extreme: making a character so helplessly clueless as to be endearing. Works easier with blond girls, but with things so exaggerated in the general area, most projects go too far. That was the case with “Freddy Got Fingered.” I think this one got it about as right as it could. It is not something you’d watch for the pleasure of the film itself, but for the fun of watching how close to the line it comes.

That line is complicated because — like all such films — it depends for its success on the very same trailer trash mentality that it pokes fun of. This is a “Breathless.”

Nice fireworks at the end. Rosanna Arquette appears as a redheaded crocodile wrestler’s widow. Just think.

Posted on 2003

Ted’s Evaluation — 3 of 3: Worth watching.


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