So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993)

Green Haggis

Sometimes a movie only develops worth after a subsequent movie worked.

I myself disliked “Shrek” because of the underhanded attempt to undermine the Disney/Pixar alliance, and the smarmy Bill Gates strategy.

But some people did like it, largely because of the voices and key to that was the Scots’ version of Shrek. Apparently, several full films were made before Katzenberg accepted the version that Myers eventually made. It is the character he created here. This film is rather unappealing, but you can see the character workshop in front of you, Myers working on something. It isn’t quite there. It doesn’t make sense here, but it will a few years later.

I really adore Plummer. She doesn’t get many chances, but boy does she grab the camera with her jaw. Wow.

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