Killing Zoe (1993)


For a film to matter to me, it has to exist. It has to have been born and to the extent and in the way that you believe things have purpose and effect, it has to have that.

I don’t care if the beingness is accidental or borrowed or poorly copied. It can be an antibeing. It can be almost any creature in the pantheon that can elbow the world.

As my regular readers know, I see a lot of movies that people consider bad and don’t like. But I can still admire some clever or interesting notion in their being.

This one seems to have been stumbled upon in a wander through “True Romance” (or better, “Miami Blues”), “Two Zeds and a Nought,” and “Dog Day.” Its only reason to exist is to support a post-ending possibility of HIV, together with the ambiguity of whether Zed or Zoe were infecting the other (as foreshadowed by clumsy use of “Nosferatu.”)

The only mildly interesting elements are the inclusion of Delpy and her use of the “White” “might have been, might be” tone from that being to this. And the big raspberry to the French.

Posted in 2004

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