Keeping Up With the Steins (2006)

Unsacred Feather

Suppose you are a fairly powerful man in TeeVee, and have some standing in the movie world. Suppose also that you have been a poor father to a son that is fairly incompetent at life. He wants to become a filmmaker, and you have big ideas for him that work against his abilities. You eventually settle for a small film with an extremely simple message.

So what is the film about? A fairly powerful man in the entertainment (read: movie) business, who has been a poor father to a son that is fairly incompetent at life. The “films” in this story are bar mitzvah parties, and the one we are competing with is (no fooling) “Titanic.” You’ll insert yourself as the apologetic grandfather, newly full of wisdom about the meaning of life (because of experience on an Indian reservation). The story? Well it will be about making small but honest films instead of huge, competitive ones with no soul.

Actually, I find this nesting-folding interesting as all getout. Its too bad that this movie doesn’t even have a single element that is done well. So where the kid onscreen has a success to beaming parents and grandparents, the kid who directed this must have come out damaged. Sometimes, help isn’t help I think.

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