Italian Job (2003)

The In, The Out

This slick production lacks the cinematic acrobatics of “The Good Thief.”

Except, except for one clever thing. The editing.

The direction, acting and all that are pretty ordinary, as is the actual story and it tested very poorly. So — the story goes — the concerned producers brought in a giant in the editing profession to reshape the film. He tightened it up and did some other normal things, but he also focused on transitions between scenes.

This film spends a lot of time on elaborate entries and exits of scenes, and is the second film this year to do so. The “Matrix 2” was the other one. But Matrix used the transitions as tools to subliminally remind the viewer of the “difference” between reality and illusion.

Here, the transitions are less obvious but no less complex. They stylishly underscore the “get in, get out” tagline in a particularly graphic way while adding style and generating a little excitement.

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Ted’s Evaluation — 2 of 3: Has some interesting elements.


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