Holmes & Watson (2018)


This did not make me laugh. Apparently it had the same effect on almost everyone.

But I credit these folks with taking risks. Humour is an evolving quality, and some brands of humour demand being on an edge between the unexpectedly awkward and the emotionally obese.

The uncomfortable thing for me is that I understand myself so poorly, that I cannot say what they did wrong — what could have worked if they simply dialled some risk into safer territory. Less reference to a model of story that seems to be more brittle than we thought? Fewer juvenile sex jokes? More focus on a single style of comedy rather than incompatable mix?

Surely these guys, these jokes work in other contexts. Was it the inexperienced filmmaker?

I wish I knew. A film experience is a temporary seduction, and I revel in self-discovery when I am successfully seduced because through that I discover myself. Failure to connect is harder to understand.

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