Far and Away (1992)

Another Slap

Here is another film in the tradition of “The Quiet Man:” Irish as hard drinkin hard fightin dopes downyou luvem. Once again, the hero is a fighter with a pure heart who the fight-addicted crowds love. Once again, the fiery redhead needs to be won with land as a matter of her dowry. Once again, there is villainy in the moneyed. And one again, we have grand, lovely photos as thin spirituality.

One wouldn’t have an inkling from this that the Irish invented most of the complexities and subtleties of modern storytelling. Nor would one get a clue from any element of this that Misters Howard and Cruise know anything about any of those complexities and subtleties. I suppose there is a market for this sort of pandering (to judge from Speilberg’s success), but it lessens us as much as the ward boss’s rules do in act two.

Posted in 2003

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