Fantastic Four (2005)

Two and a half

We are seeing a new genre be invented and the process is quite thrilling.

No one really knows what the genre will actually be, what it will look like and what few things will characterise it. So dozens of teams take stabs at it. Most will fail so utterly (like this one) that it will tell the next makers and us where the centre might be.

It isn’t fair to criticise a movie unless you criticise it for what it is intended to be, how it exists. The problem is that F4 and “Hellboy” and even “X-Men” don’t have a centre yet, don’t have a scale.

So we must just judge it on its components: was the girl sexy? were the explosions loud enough? was the villain cool? and so on.

If you find someone doing that, just walk away.

I cannot recommend this movie as one that satisfies. But if you are interested in cinema, you have to watch this and things like this to understand you movies find their grooves. And that helps you understand your own notches for imagination and visualisation.

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