Erotic Nights of the Living Dead (1980)

People Cat

I am interested in genre mixing. It is a common thing, especially with various humor components. The gore branch of horror and the porn branch of the sex film try to be mixed here. I say gore rather than zombies because though zombies appear, the form is not that of a zombie flick.

The gore and porn parts are okay I guess, except in the porn department these really are much nicer looking women than usual. This comment is on the 121 minute version which seems to be more complete than other “uncut” versions. It seemed pretty explicit to me except for anything involving the native girl.

The mood, especially with the score, is effective. But the pacing is a killer.

Here’s the real problem: the sex stuff and the horror parts of the plot have nothing to do with each other. Very few films mix the erotic and frightening. The only one I can recall is Kinski’s “Cat People”.

And why in a porn flick are the zombies all modestly covered?

Posted in 2004

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