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Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)
When patriots become heroes
Science Fiction

During World War II, Steve Rogers is a sickly man from Brooklyn who's transformed into super-soldier Captain America to aid in the war effort. Rogers must stop the Red Skull – Adolf Hitler's ruthless head of weaponry, and the leader of an organization that intends to use a mysterious device of untold powers for world domination.

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Shifting Interiors

It just doesn’t make any sense to me, how consistently bad Marvel‘s films are. Perhaps someone who loves the comics can be transported out of the movie into some well established fantasy world. In that case, all you need are a few cues.

But they just don’t connect with me, with the exception of just a few set pieces. There’s one here toward the end, where the two masters finally fight it out. It happens in a Nazi plane powered by an occult force, patterned after the much maligned Northrop Flying Wing. But the plane changes scale up and down ranging from roughly normal size to more than a magnitude larger.

The bashing and gnashing is ordinary but the art design of this scene is pretty good. The camera moves in extraordinary ways as the plane careens. It mimics That scene in ‘Mr Arkadin‘ where Welles‘ character kills a prostitute because she might know something.

The environment shifts and the camera as well in a syncopated fashion. Knowing the history of that Northrop design adds to the case; it had control problems that had to wait for computerised control systems that enabled the B2 bomber. Reagan got behind it based on his belief in magic, the presentation coordinated with dates determined by Nancy‘s stars. Great to see that magic here, with the villain speaking precisely like Werner Herzog.

Otherwise, not a single redeeming feature.

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