Bullet Train (2022)


I admit to thinking the Deadpool experiments are offensive. They have introspection of the kind I study, but it is one-dimensional and the humour doesn’t justify the sacrifice of self-aware sophistication.

But this folds in the best parts of ‘Pulp Fiction’, and I find it superior in many ways. I find Tarantino’s literal quotes of other films in the genre he selects to be tiresome and not respectful at all. Here, we have the world as created and constantly disrupted, more like ’Snatch’. Things change more quickly, which is how this genre evolves. I wish there could be a better cinematic spine to use than hitman violence.

And I wish they had been more creative with the camera in those (cinematically speaking) small spaces. But the characters and the energy has such vitality, I’m giving this a strong recommendation.

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Ted’s Evaluation — 3 of 3: Worth watching.


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