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Bleed (2004)
Kill to get in. Die to get out.

A naïve young girl desperate to fit in with her new boyfriend's tightly knit crew learns that membership may be deadly. Upon arriving at a party with her new boyfriend, Shawn, desperate-to-fit-in newcomer Debbie learns that the friends have formed a mysterious brotherhood nicknamed "The Murder Club." As Debbie accepts her invitation to join the mysterious club, a murderer who seems to take the group's name to heart begins killing off members one by one.

Bleed (2004)

Braided Slash

Another cheap slasher. Usually, what fans look for is excess or cleverness in the killings. Here, there is something else of interest: at least until the final two scenes, the story is put together with some craft.

What we often get is a mystery killer who is revealed at the end as some supernatural evil. Here, we have three plots from the genre braided together. We have a murder club, a cursed killer who blacks out and has visions and a masked goblin who may have something to do with the others.

Sure the acting and all the production values stink. But they almost always do, and at least this time we get something to play with.

Posted in 2004

Ted’s Evaluation — 2 of 3: Has some interesting elements.


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