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Being Mick (2001)
You Would if You Could
Director: Kevin Macdonald

For everyone who's always envied the life of the legendary Rolling Stones frontman, this behind-the-scenes documentary lets you in on Mick Jagger's private life, with family home movies and interviews, and also follows him recording and performing songs from his solo Goddess in the Doorway" album. Special appearances by Bono, Pete Townshend, Wyclef Jean, Lenny Kravitz, and others are featured.

Being Mick (2001)

Walking Trousers

I have such a long list of films to watch that there is often a long lag between the time it appears on the list and the actual watching. Then, part of the fun is figuring out why I was so excited about getting it.

My watching during this hour was largely occupied in wondering why I wanted to see this. Or actually, why anyone would want to see it. Even more, why Mick would allow us to see him as a dolt. I guess it was to promote his solo album.

The only thing I could imagine was that perhaps I thought it would illuminate his enigmatic failure with Kate Winslet. Now that would have been interesting, including just why this economist collects enigma machines. Kate makes a brief appearance as a daffy celeb.

It reminds me of a similar piece I saw about Paul McCartney which was equally unflattering. But at least in Paul’s case, the music — some of it — is accomplished and important.

Posted in 2004

Ted’s Evaluation — 1 of 3: You can find something better to do with this part of your life.


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