Beauty Shop (2005)


I believe that after a while the movie studios will start selling movies like this in all its components. Probably Apple will be involved. So I will be able to buy all the raw footage of “Beauty Shop” in a Final Cut Pro project and edit it my own way adding and taking things away as I wish.

We may have movies that heavily sample other movies. It is done now in all but the actual reuse of footage.

Then, when we recut this, take out the stupid white broad and gay dude (black and white) stuff, and add in some heavy handheld new customers with real sex jokes, we might have a tolerable movie. It would have rhythm, it would have motion. It would be entertaining. This has none of that.

Why reuse any of it at all? Because Queen Latifah actually has an endearing presence. I never thought I’d say that after her repellent showing in “Chicago.” Ya know, I think I could take half of this, and half of the similar “Bullworth,” and do something clever. Yes?

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