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BAPS (1997)
These Pretty Women... Are Clueless!
Director: Robert Townsend

Two clueless homegirls move to L.A. to become dancers, but instead find themselves scamming a dying millionaire to eventually become B*A*P*S (Black American Princesses).

BAPS (1997)

The Curse of the Story

Projects like this start with the notion of self-parody. You create funny characters that carry a funny world with them. The Waylons do a good job at this, with the mannerisms so over the top you are aware of the actresses at every moment. TeeVee skits can work on this alone with no story. But you need a story to sell a movie.

Here we have a pretty lame execution on the story.

The interesting thing here is seeing Halle Berry before fame and Oscar. She’s not really an actress with a lot of tools. Instead, she wears just a few attitudes. The same few here are all that were available in “Monster’s Ball,” but they are much more apt here — that’s because the idea is to make fun of people who act life roles badly. Naturally, they lose all the trashy affect by the end of the movie all they way to disappearing gold teeth. Just so we know they were only fooling.

Despite this, Landau has a pretty masterful death scene. Ian Richardson. Real acting here.

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