Bad Taste (1987)

The World as Hamburger

Sometimes, if we are lucky, a film plants itself deep in our souls and thrives there. Other times, a film is something different: an invitation to a party in the world of the filmmaker.

In that case, it cannot touch you and as long as you know there is no danger the experience is a matter of how much fun the people around you are having.

You are likely to think this is a juvenile waste of everybody’s time. But I found it strangely enjoyable. It is not fun in the sense that you can join in. But you do get to admire the fact that for several months, these guys had a blast in figuring out and performing the stunt-jokes.

Why this works for me that this fellow made two films (so far) that mattered to me: “King Kong” and “Forgotten Silver.” I can see the imagination of those here, separated from the demands of narrative and professional production. There’s some really clever stuff here and some very cheaply done effects that work rather well.

And there is a very, very clever Sergeant Pepper reference! Can’t go wrong with that.

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Ted’s Evaluation — 2 of 3: Has some interesting elements.


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