Baby Geniuses (1999)

99 Dalmatians

People hate this movie. I’m not sure I know why.

Oh, it is bad, but other movies that are just as bad are not seen as so:

— with the plot being the some sort of thin adventure. This is actually a bit more interesting than usual because the end is slightly untraditional.

— with the production values, and especially the score not being any worse, say than your standard Sandra Bullock fair.

— with gimmick no more of a cheap shot than talking dogs or pigs.

It had enough happy family stuff at the end to comply with the code. It had almost no good jokes but what does? In the place of jokes, you had the kids laughing at each other, and a few smirking diaper comments.

It worries me that I cannot see it. Why is this a failure, and say, “101 Dalmations” a hit.

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