Aunt Peg’s Fulfilment (1981)


Classic porn, the kind celebrated in “Boogie Nights”, cannot be avoided if you are serious about studying film. An amazing number of these, mostly from the 70s, have pretty cleverly engineered contexts.

It is completely different than the porn of today, where there is no attempt at story. Often, those old films stretched for story and structure as if to justify a wrapper for the sex. Nearly as often, that structure is the old film-within-a-film. The first “Aunt Peg” was pretty clever in this regard. In addition, we had the novelty of a very spry, small-breasted woman in her 40’s becoming a porn star both in the movie and the movie within.

There were two sequels it seems. I haven’t found the other, but this is already dreadful. Less film-within and more of the ordinary stuff of the genre. It still has the film within wrapper, but reduced to the situation of Peg “auditioning” future players.

Posted in 2005

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