Angels One Five (1952)


I’m watching this right after the terrorist attacks on London. Immediately, the Brits snapped back to this period, the so-called Battle of Britain where a few outnumbered airmen held off that bad guys. They’ve since forgotten that the bad guys were the Germans (not the Nazis), but they’ll never, ever forget the unifying experience of the battle.

Since Hitler discovered the phenomenon, nations have defined themselves through film.

This movie is one of the best examples. Sure, there’s some military stuff here… and there’s a war on. But this centres on the nature of the people and there’s not much aerial battle that we see. The point is to trot out all the personalities and characteristics that define what it means to be British.

We’ve got pluck, we’ve got steadfastness, we’ve got earnestness and innocence, some kindly but firm officers who tie the whole thing together and then there’s the rowdy humour.

Thin stuff when you think of it, but enough to build a nation.

Posted in 2005

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