Amy’s Orgasm (2001)

Caught in the Marketplace

How difficult it must be for a young writer/director/actor with energy, some skill and no ideas. So just write about one’s self and use the current “intelligent” template of self-reference.

That template has our writer playing a writer. The writer on screen is struggling with the same issues that vex the writer behind the screen: how to reconcile things that are “real” life with things that sell. A serviceable enough template, which in some cases has the hero be in broadcasting or film of some sort. Here we have both writing and radio in a clash, each with their own take on how to distort reality for the market. They battle it out and transcend the marketplace (which in Amy’s situation includes all of femdon).

Could have been good, had edge, been worth watching. But the problem with the film is the same as what the film is about: the conflict between real meat and what sells. Davis decides to stick with what sells, which is the typical date material: boy and girl meet, have spats, find true love together and along the way are endearing, slightly comic complications. Davis IS as likeable as say Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts, and Sandra Bullock, indeed more so because she really does seem intelligent under the fluffy grin.

But here, she picks the wrong side of the equation to emphasise, a decision that I suspect is directly related to funders. Wish she would have done in real life what she did in the film. Instead what we have is a paean to the complexities of reality that sticks to the simplicities of fiction.

Posted in 2003

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