Alien Versus Predator (2004)


I’ve made a study of what differentiates the main Alien films, constituting a concise film school.

Now this here is a different beast. It is a simple essay, not an ordinary long form film. You might like it because of the very idea, or the plot device of switching the ordinarily hunted into a trusted partner of the hunter. The previous films form the foundation for this one which must become smaller.

That “pyramidal” notion is behind the one thing that did interest me here. Once you become familiar with the monsters (as we all are), and you know that the human situation must stay in the expected rut, then the only way to innovate is in the novel setting.

What we have here is an alien pyramid that is part “Cube” part “Thirteen Ghosts”, something that mechanically resembles an orrery. A good idea, down to the allusion to the shaft as one of the mysterious “air shafts” of the Cheops pyramid. Alas, this was too slighted because by the time we get it, we are too high in the food pyramid.

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