Alicia (1994)


This is purely personal, but I have a few wickets through which a film must pass for me to willingly splice it into my imagination. I’m only talking here about films that present themselves as art.

— It has to be competent, which for me can translates into the degree to which it exploits cinema

— It has to be readable in some way, even if only to indicate anarchy

— The “reading“ has to be something that makes the experience worthwhile. It can be insightful, self-commenting, revelatory or clever. Even merely honest will do if avid and clean.

— The resulting fragment must fit one of the cosmologies I carry with me. Without that, no matter how charming the jewel, I cannot wear it. For example, if the tool is only useful for misogyny, it isn’t wanted.

This little project has only the first two. “Begotten” at least has the first three.

Posted in 2005

Ted’s Evaluation — 2 of 3: Has some interesting elements.


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