Knowing (2009)

The Cleansing Timing is everything. I saw this in a stressed state, looking for escape. I saw it in a grand old theatre with large, excellently tuned equipment. I saw it not knowing anything at all about it. And I loved it. Yes, I know people do not like Nic Cage. And I know many… Continue reading Knowing (2009)

Adaptation (2002)

Abject Folding I am writing a book about “folding” in film. That’s a term I have coined to describe all the parallel levels that have become part of the film vocabulary, among them self-reference, reflection self-aware irony and timeshifting. I love these films. They are always about ideas and many are incredibly sophisticated in concept,… Continue reading Adaptation (2002)

Adam (2009)

Stuttered Beginnings I found this to be offensive in that mild way that occurs so often. Storytellers sometimes have to make decisions that cost the viewer something — the worst kind of cheat because it pushes the pain onto the unwitting. Is it a net good to show a newsphoto of a girl over her… Continue reading Adam (2009)

Action Boys (2008)

Dorm Room Trifles I saw this at the Melbourne International Film Festival. It was fantastic in large part because it was new. I saw it paired with “Theater of War,”, whose idea was that little people enable unhealthy societies. That film presumed that structure in film and theater was what powered narrative in individuals and… Continue reading Action Boys (2008)

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)

The Pamela Urge I saw this with ‘Borat’. It didn’t work for me. Neither comedy did; the reasons seem related. If you put distance between something and it’s source, then you have opportunity for low humour. The closer you get to the original or the reference, the sharper you have to be on both sides… Continue reading Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)

Gone Baby Gone (2007)

Baby Arrives I love it when I am wrong, and someone that I think doesn’t matter surprises me. Ben Affleck put together some snappy lines in “Good Will,” but that project was so ordinary in form it self-destructed. His acting is generally silly. There isn’t a role he hasn’t deflated. But here he does three… Continue reading Gone Baby Gone (2007)