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A Dream of Dolls Dancing (2017)
Director: Christiane Cegavske

A Dream of Dolls Dancing is a new short film by Christiane Cegavske, the creator of Blood Tea and Red String. In the dead forest, The One dreams. In his dream he hears the siren call of the dolls dancing on a far away island. He must answer their call no matter the risk. In a paper boat on a liquid sea he sails for the island where they dance. Will he find salvation or despair?

A Dream of Dolls Dancing (2017)


Some time back, Christmas 2006 to be precise, I saw a film that was so engrossing, I elevated it to a ‘Four’, meaning you really should see this. That list is hard to get on. No filmmaker can have more than two, and no more than two in a release year.

So it was rare. In fact, I also on that list have a Quay Brothers short that is more or less in the same school. And ‘Kubo and the Two Strings’ is also on the list, though much more conventional.

Blood runs counter to many expectations. The editing is poor so I expect many folks walk away. The explicit story is thin, but on that I build my own, described in some detail in the comment I wrote now 17 years ago.

My understanding is that this short is a fragment of an upcoming second film. There likely were similar shorts before the first one was complete.

This by itself is worthless to me, and here is a lesson. Probably any excerpt from ‘Blood…’ would seem the same. It was the open symbology and the patterns she followed that allowed me to pour my own waking dreams into here film. A certain dullness in the filmmaking was necessary I think, something that did not pull me in, but merely opened doors.

Now I feel a bit embarrassed. I stay by the recommendation, but t could well have been accident of selves that is unlikely to be repeated.

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