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Nathalie… (2003)
Can you ever control another person's sexuality?
Filmmaker(s): Anne Fontaine

Paris doctor Catherine starts to think her husband, Bernard, is having an affair when she hears an unfamiliar woman's message on his voice mail. Hoping to learn more about his extramarital activities, Catherine heads to a strip club, where she hires call girl Nathalie to have a fling with Gerard. As the affair progresses, Nathalie gives Catherine regular status reports, and the relationship between the women evolves from business to personal.

Womanly Closeness A film about two women, or rather the two hemispheres of a woman, made by a woman. I find nothing to like in most French films. The burst of reflexivity in the 60s where film critics became the most important filmmakers has had...
Published February 23, 2024
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